Sims Crane Safety Director Invests in Future Safety Professional

Bob Berry, winner of the 2011 Top Trainer award in the Corporate Category, recently donated his scholarship to an up-and-coming safety professional in the Sims Crane & Equipment organization.

“Chris Peek was assigned to me as a safety assistant,” said Berry, who is director of safety for the Tampa, Fla., crane rental company. “It is nice to see a young person with drive and an attitude to learn.” In discussing with him the qualifications needed for a career in safety, Berry said he saw an opportunity to use the $2,000 scholarship he was awarded as a Top Trainer winner to help Peek develop his career.

Peek is currently enrolled in the Professional Construction certification at the University of South Florida. He attended the University of Tampa, majoring in business, and came to Sims Crane shortly after graduation in 2008.

Crane & Rigging Hot Line’s annual Top Trainer program recognizes trainers for having a positive impact on students, the work environment, or the industry. The Top Trainer program is endorsed by the Association of Crane & Rigging Professionals.