2014 Trainers Receive Awards at ACRP General Assembly

Each year, Crane & Rigging Hot Line and the Association of Crane & Rigging Professionals (ACRP) recognize two crane and rigging industry trainers—a Corporate Trainer and a Professional Trainer—who use innovative instruction, encourage responsibility among their peers or companies, and make a positive impact on their students, environment, and industry.

In May, the 2014 Top Trainers were presented with their awards at ACRP’s annual meeting, which was held in Kansas City, Mo. The winners included Corporate Top Trainer Nelson Plumb of Crossland Construction and Professional Top Trainer Sam Smith of North American Crane Bureau.

Nelson Plumb
Nelson Plumb

Plumb, an operator, trainer, and lifting and rigging advisor, provides an individualized approach to training, which equates to a 95% success rate for students seeking nationally accredited certifications. “His passion for lifting safely, efficiently, and correctly, followed by his communication with students even after the training is over, is what sets him apart as a trainer,” said Katie Parrish, editor of Crane & Rigging Hot Line, who presented the awards at the ACRP General Assembly.

Sam Smith
Sam Smith

Although Smith, training manager for NACB, has conducted more than 500 training seminars across the globe, he connects with each student through a combination of hands-on demonstrations, learning, exercises, and lectures. “His professional experience in the military and with companies serving the defense industry helps shape the training he conducts,” Parrish said.

Nominate a Crane or Rigging Trainer

Deadline July 31, 2015 ● www.toptraineraward.com

The following companies are providing financial sponsorship for the 2015 annual training excellence awards program. Additional sponsorships available. For information, 515-574-2312 or jstark@hcgi.media.

  • Gold Sponsors Rigging Institute LLC and Slingmax Rigging Products
  • Silver Sponsors Terex and Altec Sentry
  • Bronze Sponsor Stephenson Equipment Inc.

Also supporting the program to its members is the Institute for Safety and Health Management.

One trainer in each category—Corporate and Professional—will be honored. Who is eligible? Crane or Rigging Trainers, Craft Instructors, Safety Directors, CTE Instructors from Contractors, Equipment Dealers, Rental Companies, Rigging Suppliers, Manufacturers and Training Companies.

Winners receive complimentary registration to the 2016 ACRP General Assembly and Workshop, where they will be presented with a trophy during an awards ceremony. They will also be granted $2000 scholarships to be used for educational purposes. Both winners and those receiving Honorable Mention will receive free registration to attend the next scheduled Crane & Rigging Conference. The first 30 people making a nomination will be sent a 2015 Hot Line Crane Guide, featuring data on crane models from more than 100 manufacturers, circa 1950 to 2014. 

Tips for Making a 2015 Nomination

  • Clear communication and documentation supporting the trainer’s qualities and accomplishments, such as letters from customers, trainer evaluations, and the trainer’s resume.
  • Supporting evidence of the trainer’s positive impact on students, the work environment, or the industry through evaluations or comments from trainees.
  • Evidence of the trainer’s use of innovative training techniques or hands-on instruction.
  • Proof of how the trainer encouraged peer or corporate accountability.
  • Any other examples of quantitative or anecdotal evidence that training was successful.
  • While recognition is not a popularity contest, it is helpful when multiple nominations are made for an individual, providing varying personal testimony from colleagues or students.


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