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2017 Corporate Top Trainer

Ian Chase zpic 2017

Ian Chase
Training Instructor, Morrow Equipment
Salem, Oregon

When tower crane provider Morrow named Ian Chase to its training staff in the summer of 2016, the company recognized his “wealth of experience from the construction industry.”  Chase brings more than 25 years of experience as an operator, safety professional, and certified construction safety and health trainer to his work with Morrow in prep training programs for Tower Crane Operator, Signal Person, and Rigger.

Chase’s students count on that experience and his ability to keep the classroom lively.  “With Ian’s vibrant and energetic personality, his students stay focused  and interactive with him in outside hands-on training.  He encourages the students to ask questions or to bring up issues they have had in the field to discuss them in class,” explained Leena Ellis, Morrow training administrator, who nominated him.


2017 Professional Top Trainer

Joe Bob Williams

Joe Bob Williams
Senior Instructor, CICB
Houston, Texas

In the fall of 2015, when Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau acquired East Texas Crane Academy, Joe bob Williams, who had served as president of the academy, joined CICB’s staff as a senior instructor.  In fact, CICB described Williams, then chair of the NCCCO Written Exam Management Committee, as having a “been there done that” perspective on crane and rigging operations.

In nominating him for the Professional Top Trainer Award, Camille Singletary, CICB Marketing manager has “the right mix of knowledge, communication, organizational and people skills, along with a genuine interest and desire to effectively communicate crane and rigging operations safety and why it must be done.”

He does not lecture, use PowerPoint presentations, or run videos to deliver information, says Singletary, “Using only a white board, models of the canes, and his exceptional command of the material, he can ‘tell a story’ through the materials, thereby making the information relevant and interesting.

Williams also understand that there is a wealth of knowledge among students, and that “cross pollination”  is an effective way to illustrate the material and provide new perspectives, says Singletary.  “Using these training techniques, his students understand the importance of the knowledge they are gaining and it also feeds their need to experience its applicability.”

Honorable mentions were:
Corporate: Al Abel (Mazella Companies) and Don Horn (Link-Belt)

Professional: Don Childers (Nationwide) and Jesus/Jesse Garcia (CICB)

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Click on year to view digital issues featuring  the Top Trainer award for each respective year.

Year Award Corporate Professional
2008 Winner Ray Feidt, Stephenson Equipment Mike Parnell, Devon Beasley, Russ Donaldson, ITI
2008 Honorable Mention Al Abel, Mazzella Lifting Technologies Ronald Gray, Tower Crane School of Phoenix
2009 Winner Mike Riggs, I&I Slings/Slingmax Ronald Gray, Tower Crane School of Phoenix
2009 Winner Mike Patten, Southwest Industrial Rigging
2009 Honorable Mention Mike Hundley, Heede Southeast  John Augustine, Sylvan Enterprises
2009 Honorable Mention Ray Feidt, Stephenson  Jerry Longtin, CICB
2009 Honorable Mention Mike Johnson, Hirschmann  Rob Scherbarth, Overton Safety Training
2009 Honorable Mention Roger Skip Ohman, Crosby
2010 Winner Kirk Ward, All Erection & Crane Rental  John Augustine, Sylvan Enterprises
2010 Honorable Mention Paul Fabish, AREVA  Bill Schofield, Crane Institute of America
2010 Honorable Mention Roy Bolton II, Cianbro  Timm Archer, Professional Crane Inspections
2010 Honorable Mention John Chamberlin and Jason Pogar, United Space Alliance
2011 Winner Bob Berry, Sims Crane & Equipment Jim Cox, ITI
2011 Honorable Mention John Newby, Crosby Harley Gist, CRC
2011 Honorable Mention Tom DeSoo, I&I Sling Larry DeMark Sr., Equipment Training Solutions
2011 Honorable Mention Dub Norris, Barnhart Crane & Rigging John O’Connor, CICB
2011 Honorable Mention Don Childers, Nationwide Crane Training
2012 Winner Brian Fuller, All Erection & Crane Rental Corp Don Jordan, American Int’l Crane Bureau
2012 Honorable Mention Brad Paddock, Eagle West Cranes Frank DiMeglio, NACB
2012 Honorable Mention Larry Petkovsek, Mazzella Lifting Technologies Wendell Gray, Crane Institute of America
2012 Honorable Mention Chris Smith, Morrow Equipment Co. Larry Kime, CICB
2012 Honorable Mention Dave Foster, Venco/Venturo Manufacturing Rob Siemens, Royal Arc Industrial Services
2013 Winner Hank Dutton, Travelers Insurance Co. Angelo Alverio, CICB
2013 Honorable Mention Peter Cooke, Columbus McKinnon Corp. Al Abel, Mazzella Co.
2013 Honorable Mention Daniel Erwin, TNT Crane & Rigging Howard Kaplan, Liberty Crane and Rigging Consultants
2013 Honorable Mention Robert Wynn Sr., HETCO Heavy & Specialized Carriers Co. Mark Sadler, Konecranes Training Institute
2014 Winner Nelson Plumb, Crossland Construction Co. Sam Smith, NACB
2014 Honorable Mention Mike Eggenberger, Bay Ltd. Howard Kaplan, Liberty Crane & Rigging Consultants
2014 Honorable Mention Al Abel, Mazella Companies Scott Crowder, CICB
2015 Winner Patrick Clark, Lifting Gear Hire Jeffrey Ellis, Crane Tech LLC
2015 Honorable Mention Gary Campbell, Allegiance Crane & Equipment Carl Whitaker, Crane Institute of America
2015 Honorable Mention Bryan McClure, LPR Construction Yannick Morin, Kraning, Inc.
2015 Honorable Mention Al Abel, Mazzella Lifting Technologies John Mormann, Southern Illinois Carpenters Training
 2016  Winner Ralf Notheis, Crane Academy, Bigfoot Crane Co. Matt Schmitt, Overton Safety Training Inc.
 2016  Honorable Mention Chris Smith, Morrow Equipment Co. Amanda Jordan, American International Crane Bureau (AICB)
 2016 Honorable Mention Don Horn, Link-Belt Construction Equipment. Don Childers,  Nationwide Equipment Training
 2016 Honorable Mention Larry Petkovsek,  Mazzella Lifting Technologies Jesse Garcia,  Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau (CICB)

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